Hudl is here. ANALYSIS FOR ALL

Hudl is an online video sharing platform for your team and management.

Hudl allows you to annotate movies and share movies both on and offline via the Hudl App. It gives your team full access to video analysis from any computer or mobile device.


All video is stored online and can be shared with players and coaches, making it easy for your team to review from any computer or mobile device.


Every game and training session uploaded and shared is stored safely online, allowing you to log in and review your sessions at a moment’s notice.


Teach with notes and drawings.

Show players and coaches exactly how to improve by adding notes and drawings to specific events in video.

Create playlists for easy review.

Custom playlists allow you to jump to key moments in video quickly, making review sessions efficient and engaging.

Tutorial Videos

Uploading a Video to Hudl

Adding Drawings and Notes

Scouting & Practice Videos

Adding a SportsCode XML

SportsCode Upload:

Upload your SportsCode XML directly to Hudl to provide specific analysis for your management team and players.

Share with Anyone:

Create custom playlists for individual players, members of the management team or position groups to ensure everyone has access to the video they specifically need.

Take It With You:

The free Hudl mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to record, upload and study full games and training sessions


Generate reports on who’s watching video with the tools to measure daily and weekly activity from any desktop or mobile device.

Exchange in Seconds:

Do a quick search for your upcoming opponent and swap video in seconds, or set up a league pool to exchange with several teams at once.


Send notifications to your team via text using the Hudl messaging system. (coming soon)

Hudl Packages:

There are various different levels of Hudl packages available from Avenir Sports.


Hudl Storage is based on the amount of hours of footage you store and not the sizes of your video files. With Hudl you can store an unlimited amount of hours of your own games.

Packages vary by the amount of coaches / players, storage hours needed and what additional software is included.

In the Gold and Platinum Hudl Packages you have an unlimited number of Coaches / Players, a much higher amount of Storage hours. The Player App is also available free of charge. Coda / iCoda is available at a reduced cost.

With the Elite Hudl Package Coda / iCoda is available free of charge.

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