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Mickey Harte speaks about the benefits of video analysis

Mickey Harte speaks about the benefits of video analysis In the video: Manager Mickey Harte explains how significant the Avenir Sports solution has been to Tyrone. He explains that they have always been into video analysis as an instrument to show players how well they have done and highlight instances where they could have done(…)

Video Performance Analysis at Middlesbrough Football Club – Case Study

The motivation to introduce this programme came from the Academy Manager, David Parnaby, who had seen a presentation at an Academy Managers’ meeting. All the staff were present at a demonstration in our Academy and were enthused by the possibilities opened up by such a system. The quality of the use is dependent upon the(…)

Using Video Analysis from Sportstec in Cricket

Michael Maclennan – Youth Program Manager at Cricket NSW speaks about how using Sportstec Software has helped improve his team’s performance. Cricket NSW uses Sportstec for use in the Biomechanical Analysis of their fast bowlers. Lines and angles from Sportscode’s advanced drawing tools are used to calculate the workloads on the bowlers lower backs to(…)

Avenir Sports Video Analysis – SportsCode Explained

Avenir Sports is Ireland’s leading Performance Analysis company, working with many of the leading teams in Irish Sport. We provide video analysis software and services for teams at all levels. Using Video Performance analysis strips away perception and facilitates objective decision making . Knowing exactly what your team and your competitors capabilities are can give you that vital competitive(…)

Avenir Sports and The Macron Galway Cup

The Macron Galway Cup, promoted by Salthill Devon is played at Drom Soccer Park between August the 7th and 10th. This international tournament features over 50 teams from Ireland and overseas. Avenir Sports Soccer Solutions will be filming games at the tournament and offering number of packages to the participating teams. Game Footage: Simply a(…)

GAA Video Analysis Software in Croke Park

Avenir Sports Video Analysis Clients in action this weekend Following last weekends relatively light programme this weekend features some titanic clashes and intriguing clashes to boot! Avenir Sports wishes go luck to all its video analysis software clients and has the classic dilemma in several games this week as counties who are confirmed devotees and(…)

Avenir Sports Video Performance Analysis for The GAA weekend roundup

The volume of games is down this weekend, but as we delve deeper into the qualifiers the ‘make or break’ nature of the games comes into sharper focus. The big finals are in Leinster football and Munster hurling. Avenir Sports clients Dublin, Meath, Limerick and Cork all use Performance Analysis as a key strategy in(…)


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