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Speed up your coding using Hot Keys.

Within our products you can devise your own analysis templates that can include as much or as little information as you need. You decide what you want to see. As it is so easy to use you can tag a match in less than real time. You decide what you want to see. It is(…)

Performance Analysis in Gaelic Games,

The first in a series of  articles that looks at the emergence of Performance Analysis in Gaelic Games, who is using it to best effect and what the future holds.    There is a common consensus abroad in the world of Gaelic Games and much evidence to support the belief that change does not come(…)

Joe Schmidt and the “little things”

In an interview on thescore.ie Joe Schmidt speaks about the small things that may give Ireland an advantage. “I’m just looking at our opponents, I’m looking at what we’re doing,” says the Kiwi, “I don’t tend to sleep too much anyway, so I don’t bother trying. I’m just looking at trying to find that millimeter(…)

Combining Gamebreaker Plus Timelines

#weimproveperformance Using the power of SportsCode’s timeline combination feature you can combine as many games together as you wish over weeks months or even years. This allows you to see patterns that are emerging for the team or an individual. If a player is consistently losing his man, you will be able to deduce this(…)

Stacking Angles in SportsCode

#weimproveperformance Using SportsCode from Avenir Sports you can analyse from 2 or more angles to give a more informed insight into your team’s performance. You can stack these 2 angles side by side to view the technical and tactical aspects of an individual player or your team. With one click of a button you can(…)

Video Analysis in Basketball

Great Video from Coach K (Coach Mike Krzyzewski), head coach of USA Basketball speaking about his experience with using Sportstec’s superior performance analysis software. Sportscode from Sportstec is supplied by Avenir Sports and can be utilised to improve your Basketball team’s performance. For more information on how we can improve your team’s performance use the(…)

Its Six Nations time again

Perhaps it’s the cramped schedule that helps to hype the six nations championship, maybe it’s the sense of national pride coursing through the veins or more likely a combination of several factors! nevertheless it will captivate our imagination over the next two months. The Six Nations is more than just rugby matches – it’s more(…)

Apple Recognises Sportstec as a Pioneer

Happy Birthday Apple! It has been 30 years since Apple introduced the world to Macintosh. In the words of Apple “It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world”. To kick off the celebrations a 30 year timeline, celebrating pioneers in their industry and the profound impact they’ve made to the world(…)

Performance Analysis in Heineken Cup Round 4

‘Folly Dat’ might have been uttered in some parts and adjusted for regional effect in all parts of Ireland after last week’s clean sweep by the provinces. We wrote last week about it being darkest just before the dawn, but this week the sun is blazing from the Irish rugby firmament and with that comes(…)

Avenir Sports and Galway WFC

Avenir Sports are supporting Galway Women’s soccer by providing a Performance Analysis sponsorship package for their first season at the top level. The Galway Women’s national league squad are poised to finished third in the table behind the ‘big two’ in their first year in the league. Manager Nigel Keady can be justifiably proud of(…)


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