Another Classic Hurling Final

There will be a plethora of superlatives over the coming days and the pundits among us – professional and amateur alike – will be straining to find a few nuggets from Sunday’s game that will point towards the ultimate winners.

The Analysts of both Tipperary and Kilkenny would usually be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of their own, and opposition, players   in their post game assessments.

In the game that had everything – they will have to use a ‘toothpick’ approach! In a game where neither side dominated for any considerable period of play – they will struggle to find negatives!

For both Eamon O’Shea and Brian Cody, their back up teams and performance analysts, the task presenting itself is ‘can we introduce something new’, ‘Can we develop some new pattern of play’?

O'Shea + Cody

The effectiveness of the hard work upcoming over the next two weeks will manifest itself when they all reassemble on 27th September – and if ever a game was finely balanced, this is it.

At Avenir, we can’t wait!


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