Apple Recognises Sportstec as a Pioneer


Happy Birthday Apple! It has been 30 years since Apple introduced the world to Macintosh.

In the words of Apple “It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world”. To kick off the celebrations a 30 year timeline, celebrating pioneers in their industry and the profound impact they’ve made to the world was launched this week. Sportstec was invited to be part of this esteemed project.

Here’s what Philip Jackson, Sportstec Managing Director had to say about being recognised as a “pioneer”.

Q: It’s a great achievement to be selected as the only Australian company, and 1 of only 30 businesses globally. Why do you think Sportstec was given this honor?

Philip: “We have had a huge impact on world sport. Sportstec has changed the way analysis is viewed, how coaches coach and how games are won. With over 5000 clients worldwide, Apple recognises the global influence we’ve had at all levels – not just professional sport”.

Q: Apple has recognised Sportstec technology as “changing the world”. In the 15 years since SportsCode was released, what do you consider the top 3 technologies that have revolutionised your business?

1. The introduction of the G3 Powerbook, as it gave absolute portability to our customers.

2. The Irez Capture Card. This enabled coaches for the first time to digitise their video feeds and remove the need to go through a long and painful analogue to digital video conversion process.

3.The Ipad: In your palm technology is the ultimate portable solution and again changes the way our customers work.

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