Avenir working with FAI on Next Generation Performance

Where did Ireland go,  after the disappointment of the loss to Scotland, in terms of preparation for the their last game of the year against  the USA. They went to video and analysed the game and saw where then can improve and where they can come out on top in games balanced on a knife edge, like the Scottish encounter, writes Pete Kelly.

While there are likely to be major changes in the line up for tonight, Martin O’Neill will be looking for a ‘team performance’ to re-ignite the squad morale. Brian McCarthy will have the ‘USA Dossier’ sorted – particularly needed for the new players in the squad like Cyrus Christie and David McGoldrick, as they look to launch their internationals careers.

Brian Mc Carthy

Avenir working with FAI on Next Generation Performance

As the FAI , under Rood Dokter look to develop  a ‘national system of play’ for Ireland at underage level, Avenir, as performance partners will play a pivotal role in that journey.

Ireland are playing the Euro Qualifiers currently in Waterford, with the toughest game against Switzerland, today.  Avenir will be analysing this game in consultation With Ruud Dokter and his coaching team as the ‘ Ireland model is developed.

Ryan Manning

The value of a ‘conveyor belt’ system at underage level will be seen at the Senior end in a number of years. Ensuring that the elite age group teams play with a common approach utilising a system of play that builds up from schoolboy to youths is a prerequisite for long term success.

Playing the Ireland way regardless of who the age group coach or manager is introduces a sustainability without which future success is haphazard rather than guaranteed. At Avenir we are delighted to be on that journey with Ruud and the team.


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