Classic Encounter –

Classic Encounter

- None of this happened by Accident -

Kerry climbed a seemingly insurmountable obstacle at the second time of asking when they just outlasted Mayo in the All Ireland Football semi-final. Usually ‘classic encounters’ end with a mixture of Glorious Victory and Heroic Failure, typically overhyped in both instances.

Word MashHowever this game had everything on the field – great scores, great defence and athletic endeavour and on the sideline the calm composure and assured presence of Eamon Fitzmaurice and James Horan – men at the top of their game.

Great coaches and managers always seem to have that unexplained  ‘x-factor’. Some say its luck – the right place at the right time! but when you dig into it, you usually find they work harder.

Both Horan’s and Fitzmaurice’s game day demeanour is indicative of their dedication to preparation, game day planning and infusing their players with the confidence to perform to their optimum level.

At Avenir we have the privilege to work with thorough professionals in both the Kerry and Mayo camps. While Kerry march on to further challenges and Mayo regroup – they both provide glowing testimonies to the power of professional Performance Analysis .

Virtually all the leading counties in Gaelic Games recognise the value of using Video Performance Solutions to maximise their resources. Kerry, Mayo and Dublin are living examples, all in for the long haul  - all looking further than the next game. The common denominator is Avenir Sports.


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