Combining Gamebreaker Plus Timelines


Combine many matches into one package

Combine many matches into one package

Using the power of SportsCode’s timeline combination feature you can combine as many games together as you wish over weeks months or even years.

This allows you to see patterns that are emerging for the team or an individual. If a player is consistently losing his man, you will be able to deduce this from your analysis and back it up with video proof.

How to combine Timeline Movies

Combine Timeline movies in SportsCode.

Combine Timeline movies in SportsCode.

Combine Timeline movies in SportsCode is very straight forward.

  1. Choose Combine timeline movies from the File menu in the main menu bar.(see above)
  2. Locate the timelines you want to combine.
  3. Select and add each one in the order you want them to appear into the new timeline.
  4. With all the timelines added, press the Combine button.
  5. Name the file and save.

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Gamebreaker Plus Package from Avenir Sports

SportsCode Gamebreaker plus is used across all levels in all sports.

Image for sportscode gamebreaker plus gaelic Football package

How will SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus help you

100% Customisable Templates that allow you to:

  • Analyse your own performance.
  • Analyse your Opposition’s performance.
  • Talent Identification
  • Stack Angles
  • Easy to use drawing tools and play back controls
  • Utilise HD footage
  • One touch export to mobile devices

What you get as part of the package

  • GameBreaker Plus Software
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Cables
  • Bag
  • Training for up to 6 Analysts
  • Match Specific Camera Training
  • 1 year premium online/phone support (24/7)

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