GAA video analysis: Analysis ‘war room’ key focal point

Richard Fitzpatrick in today’s Irish Times has an insightful look at Performance Analysys in Gaelic Games

He spoke to Tommy Conneely, Avenir,  and some of the games most respected managers.

” Avenir Sports provides performance analysis tools to most of the country’s top Gaelic football teams, including Kerry, Dublin and Mayo, and to hurling outfits, Cork, Tipperary and Clare, as well as to the overlords of Ireland’s soccer, rugby and hockey communities.

Tommy Conneely, the company’s managing director, draws a parallel between their service and war games.

“If you go into certain counties, they’ll have an analysis room – you could call it a war room. Some have 10 or 12 of these; some have two or three. Their analysts will have coded matches. The players can go in there and say: ‘I don’t want to look at the whole match. I just want to look at all the shots at goal from a certain area of the pitch by a certain player.’ Bang. You can go back through the last five matches and automatically throw up that information, or, say, all the tackles by any player over 10 matches over the last five years. “


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