What Lessons can we Learn from our Analysis ?

We watch the world cup and big tournaments and marvel at the exploits of the great players. They appear to be playing ‘off the cuff’, but are they ? – almost exclusively all teams play to predetermined systems albeit designed to accommodate the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of this world, writes Pete Kelly.

In the constant struggle to ‘attain mastery’ all the coaches and their squads at international level use Performance Analysis as a cornerstone of what they do. When the top coaches speak everybody wants to listen and right now in Zagreb there is a gathering the European Coaching Associations where they are sharing their latest thinking on the game.

Germany’s Bernd Strober said “Coaches must also analyse opponents and learn lessons to use in their training sessions. This is true at all levels of the game” and posed the question “What lessons can we learn from our analysis”; he went on to observe that : “In Germany, we found that coaches who coach young generations like to watch high profile matches and analyse them”

The Germans are renowned for their organisation and attention to detail when it comes to preparing their sports teams and they use performance analysis extensively at, as Strober says, at all levels.

Ajax of Amsterdam have a legendary academy and they also use video analysis right down to their 3 V 3 games with the smaller young players. Our photograph shows former Dutch international and academy coach Brian Roy talking to visiting coaches with the three v three pitch and video gantry in the background.

Brian Roy

While they have their coding template set and ready to go at a recent game v Zwolle – they would code the professional games live.

Ajax set up

The Dutch have also long been renowned for their thinking on the game,  their innovation and the empowerment of players. Ruud Dokter is now the high performance director at the Football Association of Ireland and Avenir are working closely with him as he looks to develop the next generation of Irish players.

Ruud Dokter PS

Ruud Dokter, on the left, at a recent Irish under 19 International watches development while Avenir’s Paul Sweeney captures the action.

Using video analysis with the very young players can be a powerful tool in educating young players, particular when their span of attention is short, but are open to visual aspect that video clips allow.

Clubs at all levels can benifit  from video  analysis when it comes to developing young players; check out what we can offer you at Avenir Soccer



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