What will Ireland and the Springboks have in Common?

Come 5.30pm on Saturday what will Ireland and the Springboks have in common?

Some would say “very little” apart from the fact that they use leading edge Performance Analysis software   to improve their performance.

Recognising that using video as the pivotal element in Performance Analysis, both Ireland and the Springboks use analysis extensively

Ireland have each deployed Avenir’s Sportscode software for match analysis, individual player analysis, opposition analysis and match day preparation, writes Pete Kelly.

Recently Irelands forwards coach Simon Easterby said “analysis has become a big part of our game”

In Dublin the week, the legendary Victor Matfield in an Irish Independent interview, spoke of Paul O’Connell,


“He is also a student of the lineout.

“You can see he puts in a lot of hours in analysing, preparing and getting his whole unit ready for the weekend.

“So it is always tough going up against him.”

Additionally, the capability exists for ‘live analysis’ during the game where either side can decide to ‘send clips to the touchline’ for on the spot review or view footage at half time that may impact the outcome of the game. Saturday’s game is in many ways a ‘high octane’ game of chess with victory likely to rest with the team that best uses all the weapons at their disposal.

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