Avenir Sports using an Endzone Tripod to facilitate in the filming of training sessions

Avenir Sports and Endzone Tripods

Avenir Sports recommends the Endzone Video Systems EVS25 Tripod for the capture of unrivalled quality game footage. The EVS25 is manufactured in the United States to exacting specifications and is a precision engineered product.

“We use the Endzone tripod when shooting games as part of our Services Offerings for our clients – it is an indispensible part of our toolkit” explained Avenir support manager Simon Kavanagh.

The tripod extends to 25 ft, using a winch system with safety lock. It can be erected in all weathers, is usable in high winds and comes complete with a console operating all the camera functions

Using the EVS25 Tripod enables the camera person to capture the action from a range of angles that will prove invaluable when the analysts sit down to ‘code the game’ and prepare the ‘analysis movies’.

The easily transportable unit comes with its own custom built case, easy to follow instructions and in addition Avenir Sports will give the purchaser access to a short video instruction film on the assembly, maintenance and operation of the unit.

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The EVS25 Endzone Tripod System. What’s included?

  • 25 FT mast/tripod combo – allows full area coverage
  • Winch System – for ease of elevation
  • Patented Pan/Tilt – for complete control
  • Custom Cables
  • Sony Remote
  • 7 Inch Monitor – to see exactly what the camera sees
  • Extended Life Batteries – no power source needed
  • Travel Bag – for ease and safety of transportation
  • Protective Hard Case – for peace of mind
  • Wheels – for rapid relocation
We use the Endzone tripod when shooting games as part of our Services Offerings for our clients – it is an indispensible part of our toolkit.
Simon Kavanagh – Avenir Support Manager

Technical Vs Tactical Analysis

Sports analysis at the elite level particularly demands that footage is captured from a height both for side on and ‘behind the goals’. This allows the coaches to view both technical and tactical aspects of any particular game or training session – the availability of the elevated footage will greatly enhance the analysis process.

The availability of footage from multiple angles enables the analyst to utilise the unique features of the Sportscode Video Analysis software to work with several stacked angles simultaneously.

Many organisations are now realising that owning an Endzone Tripod expands their analytical capability and ultimately is much more cost effective than periodical hiring arrangement.

Avenir Sports supplies the EVS25 directly to clients at competitive rates, including all transport and imports duties. Avoid the logistical import nightmare at rates than no other supplier can match in Ireland, contact Avenir sports today for a detailed quote.

Image of Sportscode stack

Technical “Close-in” footage stacked alongside Tactical “Wide” footage ready for analysis in Sportscode

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Images of Endzone EVS25 for Video Analysis from Avenir Sports

EVS25 from Avenir Sports in use with the British and Irish Lions.

Benefits of the Endzone EVS25 for YOU!

  • Gather great footage from any angle.
  • Elevate camera to 25ft to get tactical view of your playing arena.
  • Can be used indoors also.
  • Heavy duty tripod base gives safe support in high winds.
  • Easy to erect and dissemble in just 2 minutes by one person.
  • Heavy duty case makes storage easy.
  • All controls (zoom, power, pan and tilt) are operated using only one hand.
  • Powered by long life battery so no power cables/power points necessary.

Endzone Tripod Accessories

EVS Water tight case from Avenir Sports

EVS Water tight case

Water tight case

Water tight case to help protect the electronics while
you are traveling or the system is not in use. Fully lined
foam insert to absorb the shock.
More info

image of EVS Data Cable from Avenir Sports

EVS Data Cable

Data Cable

EVS custom made cables are designed for our towers to be connected directly to Sony cameras They are coiled to avoid ground contact and prevent tangles and damage.
More info

Image of EVS Sony remote handle from Avenir Sports

EVS Sony remote handle

Sony Remote

Sony remote handle is specifically designed for tripods and has been the remote of choice for over 12 years. The handle design makes controlling the camcorder functions and pan/tilt a one hand operation.
More info

image of EVS sun hood from Avenir sports

EVS sun hood

Sun Hood

The EVS sun hood provides the monitor protection from direct sun light allowing the operator to always have a sharp bright picture. It quickly and easily velcros to the monitor.
More info

EVS 7 Inch LCD monitor from Avenir Sports

EVS 7 Inch LCD monitor

LCD monitor

7 Inch LCD monitor is custom made for outside use. It is constructed with a metal outer shell for durability and has a sharp, bright picture that shows up in most lighting. It uses a Sony lithium ion battery that gives you up to 8 hours of use.
More info

Image of EVS retractable reel from Avenir Sports

EVS retractable reel

Retractable Reel

Custom designed retractable reel provides the operator the ability to tilt the camcorder. It is retractable so that there aren’t any long cables laying on the ground when the tower is in the down position.
More info

EVS - rain gear

EVS – rain gear

Rain Gear

Rain gear package is custom fitted for the EVS25. Help protect your investment by providing some protection from the elements. Protects the three electronic components: remote, camcorder, and monitor.
The Rain Gear Pack includes:

  • Camcorder Cover
  • Monitor Hood
  • Remote Sleeve
  • Draw String Travel Bag
More info
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