Hudl for Soccer

How to use Hudl Version 3 with your team.

Hudl allows you to:


Seamlessly share video and insights.

Hudl is an extremely easy to use online Performance Analysis tool and video sharing platform for your players and coaches.

Record and upload video.

No need to purchase costly devices. Record matches and training with your existing camera or iPad.


Tag your game on any laptop.

Tag your game post event using any device and any browser and breakdown your game into its key areas. You can pause the game to add, edit and delete tags to increase the accuracy of your analysis.

macbook tagging

Tag your game live on your Hudl iOS app.

Tag your game live at the event for the key areas and get instant feedback by looking at your report. Your analysis will be synced online when you upload your game movie, ready for your coaches and players to see.

iOS tagging

Avenir Sports has helped us tremendously well over the last few years and certainly leading into the European Championships which was a big, big help and we certainly appreciate that.
Robbie Keane: (Republic of Ireland all time record goalscorer)

New and improved library for organising your clips.

The new library on Hudl Version 3 makes working with your games and playlists very straight forward. You can filter on the events in your schedule, navigate quickly through your different seasons, keep track of your hours at a glance and even search for your clips.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.59.10

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 13.05.33

Add custom labels to help filter your games and playlists.

Get to the clips you want to see quickly and easily by adding labels to them. You can then filter on these labels to select the clips you wish to view.

Group games and playlists together with these filters.

Easy upload of movie from the main toolbar.

Hudl have simplified the upload process. You can now just click the upload button on the toolbar and upload your game quickly and easily.

Create playlists for easy review.

Custom playlists make video review efficient and easy. Quickly jump to the moments that matter most.

Add drawings with upgraded drawing tools in V3 to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Move your clip’s start and end points to only show the exact footage you need

Clips drawings notes

Create your playlist quickly

Create playlists from all of your selected clips for sharing with players and staff to demonstrate your strategy and tactics. You can edit this playlist at any time.

Create a Playlist

Easily share your playlist

Only share the clips you want with the players and staff that you want to provide bespoke feedback to. Users get a notification so that they know you have shared clips with them

Sharing a Playlist


Generate detailed reports from your Hudl tagging.

Create detailed reports to provide coaches and athletes with an overview for high-level analysis and opponent comparison.

Interactive shot chart.

The shot chart details shot totals, location and efficiency and can be filtered by team or athlete along with showing the related video.

Shot chart

Hudl Access From Anywhere

Access video from anywhere.

Share video and stats with the entire team. Players and coaches can view game and practice video on the go or review from home on any computer or mobile device.

Make team communication easy.

Keep your whole team informed with in-app messaging. Send updates to the entire team, a select group or an individual player from any mobile device or computer.

Hudl-GAA Messaging


Share attachments

Easily attach and share documents like reports or opposition analysis for recipients to view in their own time. Users can download them to review without an internet connection.

*Hudl Gold Subscription required

Track activity

Understand which players have been putting in the time reviewing the video and analysis you shared with them..


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