Steps for improving performance Analysis in Hurling using Video Analysis Software


Image of SportsCode Gamebreaker plus coding template, match footage and timeline for Video Analysis from Avenir Sports

User defined coding template for ease of match tagging.

Image of SportsCode Gamebreaker plus stacked match footage and timeline for Video Analysis from Avenir Sports

Stack match from multiple angles for more detailed analysis

Video Analysis is the first and most important step in improving your Hurling team’s performance. Using our suite of SportsCode Video Analysis Software Tools, Avenir Sports can help you elevate your team to new heights. You can tag games live or in even more detail post match.

Our Video Analysis software is so powerful and easy to use it can be adapted to fit any analysis situation. Within our products you can devise your own analysis templates that can include as much or as little information as you need. You decide what you want to see. As it is so easy to use you can tag a match in less than real time.

Using Sportscode from Avenir Sports you can analyse from 2 or more angles to give a more informed insight into your performance. You can stack these 2 angles side by side to view the technical and tactical aspects of an individual player or your team. This would be extremely beneficial in analysing movement of players, running both on and off the ball.

Benefits of SportCode Analysis in Hurling:

  • Ease of use of coding/tagging templates
  • You can take in footage from anywhere i.e. Digital Video camera, TV, DVD etc.
  • Analyse the game from multiple angles using Sportscode’s stacking feature
  • User Friendliness
  • No limitations on how many code buttons can be included
  • You can also utilise HD footage
  • It takes less than real time to analyse a match

When you chose to join our Avenir Sports Club you are not just buying a product in a box. It is our goal to improve the performance of all of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our extremely high level of service and support. We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via telephone and online support.

That is why Ireland’s Leading Teams work with Ireland’s Leading Performance Analysis Team.

Tommy Conneeley – Avenir Sports MD


Using the power of SportsCode’s timeline combination feature you can combine as many games together as you wish over weeks months or even years. This allows you to see patterns that are emerging for the team or an individual. If a player is consistently losing his man, you will be able to deduce this from your analysis and back it up with video proof. Using Video Performance Analysis strips away perception and only leaves reality. Knowing exactly what your team and competitors are doing will give you the advantage.

Using SportCode you have complete control over Video Speeds. You can play back in slow motion, frame by frame etc. This helps you identify exactly the passage of play that you are looking for to emphasise your game philosophy.

You also have extremely powerful drawing tools at your disposal. You can easily highlight aspects of play using many combinations of tools. You can reinforce your coaching point by emphasising running lines, lines breaks etc. with these drawing tools.

SportsCode’s Notational Feature is extremely beneficial to performance analysis. With this feature you can annotate your movie clips with notes that are relevant and supplementary to your video. You define the time period you would like your notes to overlay your video. This is beneficial to players as it provides reinforcement of the point you are trying make. It also aids recall for coaches so that they know exactly the point they are tying to make with the movie clip. Click here to see this video annotation in action.

Benefits of SportsCode Intervention in Hurling:

  • Combine as many as games as you wish over weeks, months or years.
  • Complete Control over Video Playback Speeds
  • Powerful drawing tools for highlights aspects of play
  • Annotate movie clips to aid recall and emphasise your points
Combine many matches into one package

Combine many matches into one package

Image of SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus presentation movie from Avenir Sports with annotations

Annotate movies easily with powerful drawing tools


SportsCode Gamebreaker plus presentation movie to give to players and staff

SportsCode Gamebreaker plus presentation movie to give to players and staff

Mobile phone with Sportscode Gamebreaker movie playing

Share movies across mobile devices and different platforms

Giving your players correct, accurarte and timely feedback that they can put into practice on the training pitch will help in improving your players. With SportsCode you can easily create high quality, high impact video presentations with drawings and annotations included so your players can reap the benefits of your analysis.

These clips can contain as much or as little information as you would like to include. Go to your timeline and select only the clips that you want to use. Drag these clips to your desktop to make a quicktime player movie which works on all platform/devices. This ensures that the videos can be seen by those who do not have SportsCode as easily as those who do.

These presentation movies can then be easily shared on mobile devices or viewed online on our video management system called youCoach, Sportstec Stream or in a team presentation meeting on a large screen via a multimedia projector. The choice is yours.

Share videos of tactics such as scrums, lineouts, backplay, forwardplay with players so they have visuals to aid the tactics that you are trying to implement. The ease of dissemination of your information will greatly increase the chances of your players retaining your analysis and taking it to the field.

Performance Analysis is used in all levels in Hurling from All Ireland winning Senior Inter county teams all of the way down to Schools and Youth teams. In fact over 6000 Elite Sporting Organisations around the world currently use SportsCode. Here is just a sample of some Sports Code Hurling users Nationally.

Benefits of SportsCode Improvement in Hurling:

  • Create presentation movies at the touch of a button.
  • Easily share on multiple devices/platforms
  • Can be viewed at any time, not just in a team meeting.

Gamebreaker Plus Package for Hurling from Avenir Sports

SportsCode Gamebreaker plus is used across all levels in Hurling.

Image for sportscode gamebreaker plus gaelic Football package

How will SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus help you

100% Customisable Templates that allow you to:

  • Analyse your own performance.
  • Analyse your Opposition’s performance.
  • Talent Identification
  • Stack Angles
  • Easy to use drawing tools and play back controls
  • Utilise HD footage
  • One touch export to mobile devices

What you get as part of the package

  • GameBreaker Plus Software
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Cables
  • Bag
  • Training for up to 6 Analysts
  • Match Specific Camera Training
  • 1 year premium online/phone support (24/7)

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