Brian McCarthy – Republic of Ireland International Team Performance Analyst

The Republic of Ireland Euro 2012 International Squad have struck up an invaluable relationship with Avenir Sport, and recently Avenir met with Republic of Ireland International Manager, Mr Trapattoni and Team Performance Analyst, Brian McCarthy.

Mr Trapattoni was quick to emphasis that Performance Analysis is now “the twelfth man” both for match day and leading up to International matches. He was also high in his praise for the strong and reliable service that Avenir Sport have supplied the Irish Team and management with.

That service has escalated for the Euros with Avenir providing a range of additional supports, both in terms of touch line technology, web based support, remote analysis and 24 hour assistance.

Mr Trapattoni was clear in the value of Performance Analysis citing that “players have to see the little details” to understand their role better and the challenge faced by the opposition.

Avenir’s consistent high level of service and support has provided the Team with those crucial details.


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