SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus

SportsCode Gamebreaker is the ideal solution for coaches and athletes who want to take the first step beyond tape-to-tape editing. Record it, play it, analyze it, edit it, then use it to achieve that winning edge.

Go on. Take a closer look – and take your performance to a new dimension.

SportsCode Gamebreaker Features


*  Capture video live
* Full Screen capture
* Supports HDV, DV, DV widescreen, Analogue,
* Preset capture time
* Supports 4×3, 16×9, Native movie dimensions

Coding Structures:

*  No predefined structures of coding templates – you set the rules
* Define your own code & title buttons
* Set lead and lag times for codes or leave them as toggles
* 1000+ customizable keyboard hot keys
* No limit on how many Code Input Windows you can have, making it possible to use the same program across multiple disciplines
* Edit and re-edit your templates as often as required
* Code events live


* Simply edit instance lengths
* Align video with instances by nudging Instances & soundtracks
* Stack multiple Timelines & Movies


*  Intelligent searching with up to 20 search combinations using or and, or and not routines
* Create a still image from any video frame
* Splice video files to play side by side
* Overlay any two video files
* Stack Timeline and Instance Movies
* Review frequency lists for events
* Export statistical information for further investigation in other programs
* Review sequential frames within any video instance through the Instance Monitor
* Draw angles and lines on any movie frame

Making Movies:

* View Instances in multiple window sizes
* Replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward/backward
* View single instances or compile multiple instances and make a movie
* Present a movie on your computer or an external device
* Integrate your movie into other applications such as PowerPoint


SportsCode Edit List


*  iPod movie to iTunes
* Code Frequency Table
* SportsCode Edit List
* SportsCode XML Edit List
* Movies with Customizable Compression Settings

Gamebreaker Plus

Gamebreaker Plus extends the power of your Gamebreaker software. Designed for people who are looking for greater depth in their analysis, Gamebreaker Plus could be just what you’re looking for to take your analysis to the next level.

The Gamebreaker Plus Difference


  • Create rich databases with the click of a button.

Exclusive Code Button’s

  • Save time and rapidly improve accuracy of coding with the ability to link code buttons

Instance Notes

  • Gamebreaker Plus enables users to add coaching notes directly within instances and movies.

Validate third party data

  • Put third party data into context with the ability to import GPS Sports, Champion or Prowess data.

Simple Editing

  • Editing is a breeze with the power of the Instance edit window

Drawing Window

Create meaningful drawings to highlight key plays and combinations.


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