SportsCode Gamebreaker

SportsCode Gamebreaker is the ideal solution for coaches and athletes who want to take the first step beyond tape-to-tape editing. Record it, play it, analyze it, edit it, then use it to achieve that winning edge.

Go on. Take a closer look – and take your performance to a new dimension.

SportsCode Gamebreaker Features


*  Capture video live
* Full Screen capture
* Supports HDV, DV, DV widescreen, Analogue,
* Preset capture time
* Supports 4×3, 16×9, Native movie dimensions

Coding Structures:

*  No predefined structures of coding templates – you set the rules
* Define your own code & title buttons
* Set lead and lag times for codes or leave them as toggles
* 1000+ customizable keyboard hot keys
* No limit on how many Code Input Windows you can have, making it possible to use the same program across multiple disciplines
* Edit and re-edit your templates as often as required
* Code events live


* Simply edit instance lengths
* Align video with instances by nudging Instances & soundtracks
* Stack multiple Timelines & Movies


*  Intelligent searching with up to 20 search combinations using or and, or and not routines
* Create a still image from any video frame
* Splice video files to play side by side
* Overlay any two video files
* Stack Timeline and Instance Movies
* Review frequency lists for events
* Export statistical information for further investigation in other programs
* Review sequential frames within any video instance through the Instance Monitor
* Draw angles and lines on any movie frame

Making Movies:

* View Instances in multiple window sizes
* Replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward/backward
* View single instances or compile multiple instances and make a movie
* Present a movie on your computer or an external device
* Integrate your movie into other applications such as PowerPoint


SportsCode Edit List


*  iPod movie to iTunes
* Code Frequency Table
* SportsCode Edit List
* SportsCode XML Edit List
* Movies with Customizable Compression Settings


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