SportsCode Player


  • SportsCode Player is a view only product i.e. there is no capture, coding or editing capabilities
  • Only works with SportsCode Pro or Elite files
  • SportsCode Player is a fantastic tool for players and assistant coaches who do not require the full editing and capture functionality available in Pro or Elite


  • Quickly locate and review events, even across timelines and folders
  • Up to 20 search combinations
  • Perform multi levelled Boolean search routines
  • Search for data from 1 game or event or across entire season or database
  • Find and review events from the Code Matrix
  • Set up Boolean (and, or and not) search criteria within the Matrix

Making Movies

  • View Instances in multiple window sizes
  • Replay video at different speeds, frame by frame, fast forward/backward
  • View single instances or compile multiple instances and make a movie
  • Present a movie on your computer or an external device


  • SportsCode’s code matrix cleverly pulls together vital statistical information with the corresponding video
  • Create a still image from any video frame
  • Conduct multi leveled statistical inquiries
  • Splice video files to play side by side
  • Overlay any two video files
  • Review frequency lists for events
  • Review sequential frames within any video instance through the Instance Monitor
  • Draw angles and lines on any movie frame
  • Analyze multiple events and games across different periods through the combination of Timelines

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