All-Ireland Hurling Final

Galway and Waterford Prepare Fastidiously 

Here is a little taste of what Waterford & Galway will serve up next Sunday.

Sunday’s All-Ireland Hurling Final promises to be a fascinating affair. It is a unique final pairing, but neither side have advanced to this stage without extensive training, match practice and analysis.

It is, perhaps, the analysis that has contributed most to the team preparation for both sides as they look to unlock each other’s defensive set-ups. While each team will have to perform on the day, they will be hoping that they have discovered a chink in their opponent’s armour and have developed a plan to exploit it. Here is what they had to say on GAA Nua.

The same can be said for both ‘back room’ teams seeking to maximise their strengths and find ways to use their iconic players to best effect.


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