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Hudl is here.

Hudl is an extremely easy to use online Performance Analysis tool and video sharing platform for your players and coaches.

Track Stats live


Tag the game’s most important events from your iPhone for an easier way to find and analyze time of possession, set pieces and other key stats once the video is online.


The game is split into 5-minute segments in the Possession Chart. Place your mouse over each segment to view a percentage of possession for each team during that segment. Click on a section to view that video. The ball icons represent goals scored. Click on a soccer ball to view the video of that goal.

Utilise Detailed Reports


Reports can span a single game or an entire season. You can see averages or totals for each stat, or analyze the efficiency of each possession and scoring opportunity with ratios generated by Hudl. The best part? Reports are all linked to video, so you can quickly review key moments from throughout the season.

Download the free Hudl App from iTunes and start tagging your games live now.

Teach with notes and drawings.

Show players and coaches exactly how to improve by adding notes and drawings to specific events in video.

Create playlists for easy review.

Custom playlists allow you to jump to key moments in video quickly, making review sessions efficient and engaging.

Looking for a “hands-on” Hudl experience?

Avenir Sports Demo Hudl Soccer

Click here (or go to https://www.hudl.com/login/ in any browser) and login in as an athlete by copying and pasting the details below to get the Hudl experience on our Rugby demo account.

  • Email: soccerdemo@avenirsports.ie
  • Password: soccerdemo123

After you log in, go to the Video section on the top tool bar. You will see a number of games that have been analysed at different levels using SportsCode Elite, SportsCode Gambreaker Plus and also using Playlists within Hudl itself.

Login and try it out for yourself!

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