Performance Analysis Key for Galway Minors

The Galway minor hurling team won their 11th All Ireland title with a two point win over Cork. Their path to the final included victories over Clare and Kilkenny, meaning they prevailed in a hyper-competitive environment without the benefit of ‘trial run’ type games. ‘Getting it right’ on each occasion was paramount.  In these circumstances preparation is critical and a key element of that is Performance Analysis.

The typical process involves analysing each game played, with the added opportunity to include full scale practice matches.

Galway’s analyst Gordon Crowley oversaw the process ensuring all bases were covered, with overall team performance, defensive and attacking formations and plays and individual player contributions “We videoed all games this year.

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Coding template

Typical Coding Template

The games were then coded for match and individual events on SportsCode and uploaded onto Hudl. Use Hudl to analyse video, manage feedback and create highlights in one easy-to-use online platform. It allowed the management and players review both the team and individual performance before the next training.

All the minor squad fully engaged in using Hudl on their Smartphones and found the playlist and highlights features of great benefit. “Avenir Sports were a great help to us at all times – many thanks to them”

Likewise the analysis of opposition teams would serve to inform the management team as they set out their games plans, exploiting to a maximum their opponent’s perceived weaknesses coupled with Galway’s strong points.

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Galway Manager Jeffrey Lynskey with Avenir’s Dan Burke

Galway Manager Jeffrey Lynskey “During the last few years products like Sports Code and Hudl have changed what we, as coaches, do for the better. Most people are visual learners so these tools are designed to assist the players visualize the coaches expectations. They improve the coach to player communication and also give our players more accountability. It really accelerated our review and improvement process.”

Running a minor hurling team at top level or any ‘underage’ squad in an elite organisation is a vital cog in the conveyor belt aimed at delivering high calibre players to the ‘first team. The principal is the same whether it is professional Soccer and Rugby or inter-county Gaelic Games.


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